Surfing pregnant OZ, Bali, Venezuela…

When I find out that I was pregnant, Baby Julia already has surfed in Australia, Bali and Venezuela... After that surprise, I was trying to surf naturally because feeling insecure was even more dangerous, obviously because if you doubt, you fall... It was a challenge. I need it a lot to control my fears, my mind and take care of my

surf film “3 killas y un kiwi” is ready for you!!

Hi there World!!! here is the website for you to download "3 KILLAS Y UN KIWI " surf movie... It's been hard work foar all of us and more for director Marina Zawisza to deal with this beautiful project of latin american surf culture. Enjoy...

The 3 Killas and the kiwi in Costa Rica

Al fin después de haber conseguido el apoyo de muchos en el globo con Kickstarter, logramos hacer el viaje juntas para conseguir las tomas y terminar el video de 3 KILLAS Y UN KIWI!! Aun seguimos trabajando en esto a ver si logramos estrenarlo a fin de año!!


Few weeks ago Simone Zea was interviewed by Danny Clayton from Salt Gypsy. Check it out here. Pretty sick!


3 Killas y Un Kiwi is the first video of its kind, an introduction of Latin American female surfing to the world.
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